Adding, Removing And Reordering Leagues

theScore gives you access to many leagues on the app, but ultimately, you have control over what you want to see. To make changes to your leagues list, follow the below steps.

  1. Select Leagues from the bottom navigation
  2. Select Manage from the top right.
  3. To remove a league from appearing in your leagues list and scores page tap the red '-' next to the league name. 
  4. To add a hidden league back to your leagues list and scores page scroll to the bottom and tap the green '+' next to the league name.
  5. To change the order in which the leagues appear, simply hold the icon to the right of the league name and you'll be able to drag and drop leagues as you see fit.
  6. Select Done to save your changes

Note: The order of leagues in the Leagues page mirrors the order of leagues in your Scores page. You can also manage the league order from the Scores page, however if a league doesn't have any games on a selected date it will not appear.

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