Navigating theScore for iOS is simple. All leagues can be selected from either the league selection drawer on iPhone or from the left menu of the iPad app.

In addition to leagues, personalized and curated sections of the app - like MyScore, Top News and Trending - are also available.

MyScore: Where all your favorite leagues, teams and players live. Whenever you favorite something, it will show-up in My Score. Access the latest scores at a glance from the 'Scores' section, or select 'Feed' for your own continuously updated stream of sports content, combining all the latest news, scores and stats on the leagues, teams and players you’re following in one place.

Top News: This allows you to catch-up with the biggest stories at a glance on your mobile device, broken down by league.

Trending: The Trending section is populated with both news and games that people are talking about and watching. You can find all of the most popular games and events in one place, showing you what’s trending in sports at that moment and what’s coming-up, so you won’t miss a thing.

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