Managing Favorites

You can unfavorite, edit alert options and reorder your Favorite chips by

  1. Open the app and select the Profile icon from the top left of the screen. (icon will show your initials if you are signed into theScore with an account.)
  2. Select Favorites from the list.
  3. Select Add Favorites option.

To unfavorite a team, league or player tap the yellow star to the right of the option so it turns black.

To reorder your Favorites tap Re-Order at the top right. You can now tap on the icon to the right of the team/league/player and drag up or down.

To edit what type of alerts you wish to receive for each team/league/player, tap the bell icon to the right of the option. Toggle Send Me Alerts to on if you wish to receive alerts for the specific team/league player. You can also scroll down to specify exactly what alerts you wish to receive. Toggle each option on or off and then tap Done.

Tap Close 

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